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"I now RUN up the stairs!"

"I hit my all-time high of 208 pounds. After trying several diets, I felt my body needed a plan that allowed me to eat healthy foods. The science behind Hope Thirty was it! I have been able to steadily lose weight and keep it off. The best part is how healthy I am and my labs show it. I no longer have high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and my energy level is especially noticed by my teenager. I even snuck into her closet to borrow clothes! The best results are no more carb comas, my new flexibility, and I am pain free. At 140 pounds I now RUN up the stairs. Thank you Hope Thirty for all the research and explaining how important our food choices are." Steenie

Hope30 Changed Josh's life...

Who says you can't "keep it off" during "the Holidays?" Not Josh! Josh began his journey with Hope 30 in April of 2021. He made a decision, stuck with it, and lost over 28 pounds in his first round. He then joined us for one more round to lose 49 pounds total and hit his goal! He has truly "kept it off" from that day until December! Yep! The picture below is from December 30th! And I know for a fact that Josh has enjoyed himself throughout the summer and into the holiday season! You can do this!!!! You truly can! We are here to walk this path right with you. Make the decision and chose YOU for the year ahead. Enter your info above and hear directly from Dr. Jim and learn everything Hope 30 can do to help you reach new heights this year! Grab a friend, a relative, a spouse...from anywhere in the country and join us for 30 Nightly Zooms. We can't wait to "see" you with us! New group starts soon! So make sure to register today!

Update with Josh...
He has kept it off! We even asked him to wear the SAME outfit!

Anne & Scott lost 85 pounds together! The weight of their son... entire person!

Scott and I did another round of Hope30 and figured it was a good time to share what a difference this has made in our lives. Since last January, we lost a combined 85 lbs. Here we are today holding our 86lb 9 yr old. Oof. Not only is he equal to the loss, he is part of the reason, bc I want to be around to see him grow!